The Best Veggie Burger Recipes for Summer!

It’s summer, my favorite time of year!  Time for BBQs and cooking on the grill! Over the years I have tried various combinations of veggie burgers, topping, and buns.  These are my ultimate top 2 favorite recipes.  I make a batch and then store in the freezer for when I need an easy and delicious lunch or dinner.

Beet Burger

We found this recipe because we frequent get beets from our CSA box.  Not only is this my favorite veggie burger recipe but it’s my favorite way to use beets!  I have found that whole wheat English muffins make great buns that don’t overwhelm the burger.  I have served these to many guests and they have all loved them.

My suggested toppings:

-Humus (If you live in Texas I highly recommend Grandma’s humus)



-Spinach/ Lettuce


Kale Quinoa Burger

The quinoa in this burger gives it a great texture and I love that these burgers have kale in them!  I also use whole wheat English muffins for these burgers, I am telling you they are the perfect size!

My suggested toppings:


-Goat cheese




If you have time, I highly recommend making these sweet potato fries to serve along with your veggie burger.  They are so addicting even though my partner says they are not real fries…You can be the judge of that!



Photo by Natalia Fogarty on Unsplash



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