A human in search of her tribe, home, and a well-balanced life.

I had the privilege of living ten years overseas in four different countries.  Recently, I returned to my home country and am adjusting to living in a small college town in Texas that sometimes feels as foreign as living overseas.  In my spare time, you will find me hiking with my two dogs, at yoga class, curled up with a good book, trying a new recipe, crafting, on a run, or basking in the sunshine near water.

At my core, I am nurturer.  I find joy in creating a safe space for others to cultivate an awareness about themselves and make healthy lifestyle changes. From experience, I know that physical change can evoke inner growth and discovery.  I am a health and wellness coach who works with clients who want to make healthy lifestyle changes, or adjust to their new transition.  If you are interesting in working with me or want to learn more about what health and wellness coach does then please explore my website.




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