My Top 3 Pumpkin Recipes

I started experimenting with pumpkin recipes early this season! This is my third year living in the U.S after 10 years overseas.   For me one of the highlights of living in my home country is the holiday season.  I can have access to all those holiday benefits that were not available to me living overseas.... Continue Reading →

Building a Whole Foods Pantry

Are you feeling confused about what to eat?  Paleo? Vegan? Ketogenic? What about just eating real whole foods! When setting up a whole foods pantry there are seven criteria to keep in mind when choosing your food. They are whole foods, fresh foods, real food, organic & free of GMO, local & seasonal, in harmony... Continue Reading →

Building Community Through Gratitude

I first learned about gratitude from reading Brene Brown's book the Gift of Imperfections. At the time, I was an elementary teacher so I decided to test it out in my classroom. I created a Friday morning gratitude practice where my students would write what they were thankful that week.  Once they wrote their idea down... Continue Reading →


My first, post overseas was in Porto, Alegre, Brazil.  I am not a language person, but after three years living there I fell in love with Portuguese and the Brazilian culture. Of all the languages, I attempted to learn Portuguese was my favorite. During this time, I discovered my favorite Portuguese word, Saudade. When I left... Continue Reading →

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