Set yourself up for success!

The mantra  set yourself up, for success came from a stressful work environment that was suffocating me.  Now matter how many hours I worked, I never felt like I could get it all done, or done well. I became aware that my employer was not setting me or my coworkers up for success.

I then begin to shift my perspective to how could I set myself up for success? I started to be intentional about how I could live in a way that would set me up to be my best self. What were MY GOALS?  How could I set myself up to achieve them? I started to be very intentional about creating the atmosphere and carving out the space that would set myself up for success.  At that time to be my best self, that meant yoga, yoga, and more yoga to release the stress of my work.

After I left that job, I kept in my mind my mantra and continue to bring this perspective into my life.  If I know, I going to have a challenging week what I can do set myself up for it? If I know that I need to have a difficult conversation how can I bring my best self to that conversation?

These days, I usually set myself up for success by going to yoga class, doing a big cook on Sundays, taking one day off to JUST  PLAY, getting outside in the sunshine, and making sure I have healthy treat for desert. What do you do, to set yourself up, for success?

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